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TwoFer® Charity Label Press Release

TwoFer® Charity Label Press Release

NAStar Inc. Introduces TwoFer® Charity Labels, a Novel Approach to the Market

Middleton, WI – January 7, 2019 – NAStar Inc. introduced at Labelexpo a double sided TwoFer® Charity Label direct mail concept with back to back face sheets and no liner. Eliminating the liner allows high impact graphics to be printed on both sides of the sheet.

This new concept responds to the Fund Solicitation Market’s desire for new ideas. Eliminating the disposable release liner is not only environmentally responsible, but allows for the same number of labels per sheet on half the material. For example, what is typically an 8.5” X 14” piece can be produced in a 7.5” X 8.5” format with the same number of address labels. The patented* TwoFer sheets are held together by alternating adhesive and release patterns.

Other TwoFer applications utilizing this concept include TwoFer® Ship/Return Labels, and TwoFer® Shelf Tags. For more information or samples, please contact NAStar Inc. at (800) 676-9665,, or visit

*U.S. Patent 9,613,547 B2 Dual-Faced Labeling Systems

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