Whether a Permanently Removable adhesive or a Temporarily Permanent type performance is desired, T1055 Temporary Adhesive is a solution. Dispersion Adhesive T1055 is not just a permanent, removable, or repositionable adhesive. It does the work of all three! T1055 removes when desired from paper or glass, yet also adheres to wood, cold, damp and frosted surfaces! For a video demonstration, please see below

The Temporary Adhesive Family includes
T1055 Dispersion and T2 Microsphere adhesive products.

Temporary Adhesive satisfies the most demanding applications for Promotional High Impact Graphics and Thermal On Demand Print Technologies

Temporary Adhesive products are:

  • Unique in Performance
  • Versatile
  • Repulpable

Temporary Adhesive Products

Structures:   Linered, Linerless Selfwound, and Smart Transfer Tape
                    Full Coat, Pattern Coated, Patented Dot* Coated, Dash Coated Adhesives
                    40#SC, 50#SC, and Layflat Liners

Selection:     Variety of Paper and Film Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Products

Stocked:       Easy to Purchase Quantities

Call (800) 676-9665 or email sales@nastar-inc.com for samples, data sheets, or to discuss product applications.  *U.S. Patent 8,163,365 B2

Why NAStar?

NAStar offers a wealth of problem-solving experience and knowledge to provide the best, most current innovations to industry-related questions while delivering continuous consistency and performance. INNOVATION is about problem solving through continuous new product development, custom engineered products, applications and technologies. PERFORMANCE is supplying pressure sensitive products that satisfy your end user needs and exceeding application requirements each and every time. With 7 different coating processes, we can engineer unique products to suit your individual needs and timing. We use only environmentally friendly water based emulsion adhesives of acrylic polymerization, rubber resin formulation, and dispersion technology. We offer adhesives from super-aggressive to ultra-removable and all variations in between.

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