Print’N Stick Linerless Direct Thermal

Choose from a variety of adhesive and options in our full line of stocked self-adhesive receipt paper products. Applications include Order Confirmation Receipt Media, Grab & Go and Food Safety Labeling. 

Print’N Stick Plus: Full Coverage Removable Adhesive which adheres to most any food container, cup or bag and is the most widely used product for Order Confirmation labels.

Print’N Stick DOT Plus possess the same characteristics as the regular Plus, but Print’N Stick DOT Plus has our patented* uniform, discontinuous DOT Adhesive Pattern which enhances printer “processability” yet adheres to most any food container, cup, or bag. 

Print’N Stick Plus HCW has the same components as the Plus but has a heavier coat weight of full coverage removable adhesive. 

Print’N Stick ECO has a printable release coating allowing for secondary hand-written markings such as pen and pencil. Used labels may be returned to the recycling waste paper stream.

Print’N Stick Universal is the most versatile offering for food service applications. Universal has an aggressive hydrophilic adhesive that adheres to and removes from frozen, refrigerated items and Grab & Go wrappers and containers. 

*U.S. Patent 8,163,365, B2

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Why NAStar?

NAStar offers a wealth of problem-solving experience and knowledge to provide the best, most current innovations to industry-related questions while delivering continuous consistency and performance. INNOVATION is about problem solving through continuous new product development, custom engineered products, applications and technologies. PERFORMANCE is supplying pressure sensitive products that satisfy your end user needs and exceeding application requirements each and every time. With 7 different coating processes, we can engineer unique products to suit your individual needs and timing. We use only environmentally friendly water based emulsion adhesives of acrylic polymerization, rubber resin formulation, and dispersion technology. We offer adhesives from super-aggressive to ultra-removable and all variations in between.

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