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HotSafe DT Press Release

HotSafe DT Press Release

NAStar’s HotSafe Direct Thermal Film Heats up the Thermal Market

12.9.16 Middleton, WI – HotSafe Direct Thermal Film, a heat, chemical, and UV resistant ribbonless film has been introduced by NAStar Inc. With T1055 adhesive, HotSafe Direct Thermal Film securely sticks to virtually all surfaces, withstands even the most extreme environments, and removes when you want. When compared to Direct Thermal Film and Thermal Transfer Film with a ribbon, HotSafe Direct Thermal Film is an economic alternative.

Safe in temperatures up to 266˚F without imaging, HotSafe Direct Thermal Film is also unaffected by moisture as the printed image is not impacted by water, steam, or other liquids. It is safe to use on hot, cold, wet, dry, and frozen surfaces and is safe for food contact, compliant with FDA 21CFR 175.105.

HotSafe Direct Thermal Film is mated with NAStar Inc.’s proprietary T1055+ Temporary Adhesive and a 40# SC liner. T1055+ Temporary Adhesive securely adheres to and cleanly removes from a wide variety of substrates including plastic, metal, glass, wood, and paper. This more aggressive water-based dispersion adhesive also sticks to challenging surfaces such as Teflon, Textured PVC, and Corrugate while providing clean, long-term removability and repositionability.

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